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About Us

Old Rose Hardware & Old House Owners

How can something as simple and small as a pair of antique doorknobs become such a large and difficult project when you actually try to install them on a door?

Old Rose Hardware thinks life shouldn’t be so complicated, and we are excited to offer an installation system that makes quick and easy work of that once daunting project of putting old knobs on either new or old doors.

You select your doorknobs and Old Rose Hardware provides everything else from a tube latch and special adaptor right down to patinated slot head screws so you can finish the job right. If you prefer, Old Rose Hardware also offers door trim kits complete with antique doorknobs in a variety of styles, and you can also send your old doorknobs to us and we will set up the trim sets for you.

Old Rose Hardware door trim sets can be installed quickly and easily on new doors, or they can replace modern passage door hardware without any special tools or complex carpentry.

You can see the complete details on the Ordering page and the place your order in the On Line Store. If you have a special project we can also make customrosettes and finishes at a reasonable cost.

Take note that Old Rose Hardware also offers a Classic Kitchen Collection of drawer pulls and cupboard knobs. They are the perfect compliment to any antique décor.

Old Rose Hardware is a Rhode Island business with offices in Portsmouth, and casting facilities in Providence. The company was organized by H. Weber Wilson, nationally known writer and architectural antiques dealer. The Virtual Museum at  www.webwilson.com is a great resource where you can learn all about antique doorknobs and other antique builders’ hardware.

We appreciate your interest in the Old Rose Hardware product line look forward to helping you find the solutions to your antique hardware concerns.

Contact us with questions, comments, and suggestions on how we can serve you better.