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ORH Standard Finishes
& Custom Finishing Options

ORH Standard Finishes

Old Rose Hardware Brass Ox FinishBrass Ox


Old Rose Hardware Bronze Ox FinishBronze Ox


Old Rose Hardware Oil Rubbed Bronze FinishOil Rubbed Bronze


Old Rose Hardware Pewter FinishPewter


Old Rose Hardware Pewter FinishSatin Nickel


Comparison of Old Rose Hardware Finishes
Brass Ox (left) and Bronze Ox (right) comparison


Custom Orders Are Easy & Cost Effective

Old Rose door trim and cabinet hardware is made in the USA and the production process is set up to accept small batch orders. Custom finishes such as Oil Rubbed Copper or Polished Brass require a minimum order of 5 Old Rose Door Trim Sets of 15 pieces of cabinet hardware. Please inquire at 800-508-0022.

Old Rose Hardware Oil Rubbed Copper Finish

Oil Rubbed Copper is one of
many ORH custom finishes.



The Old Rose Hardware Company can also:

  • Make a new rosette design for a reseller or retail customer. Any size rosette can be submitted and can be finished to order as well.

  • Modify a rosette design currently in the Old Rose Gallery to fit the shank size of any doorknob.

  • Provide a custom finish color. Send us a sample piece and we will produce a close match. If you need an exact match, ORH can finish the doorknovbs and rosettes together.

  • Pieces that need to be modified or matched will have to be sent to The Old Rose Hardware Company in Portsmouth, RI. Turn around time will be 3-4 weeks. Special handling changes will also apply.
Old Rose Hardware Custom Rosette Old Rose Hardware Custom Rosette






Custom rosettes created by Old Rose Hardware.

Old Rose Hardware Custom RosetteOld Rose Hardware Custom Rosette






The total cost for a custom project depends on several variables. Usually new molds are needed, for which ORH charges $150-$200, but custom production is a viable option when the cost is averaged across the minimum order number. Please inquire at 800-508-0022.