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Removing Old Hardware from Your Door

Your door will have one of three types of hardware:

            1. A mortise lock with knobs attached to a spindle.

            2. A modern “quick-set” lock with knobs attached to the rosettes.

            3. A hybrid lock that uses a tube latch with a knobs and a spindle.

Please see the image gallery that shows you how to remove old door hardware.

If your door has a mortise lock or a hybrid knob & lock set up you will have to fill in the holes and re-drill the door. Drilling the door is not difficult and a template with the backset dimensions and complete instructions is supplied with each Old Rose trim kit

The Old Rose adaptor requires a 2 1/8” hole saw and the tube latch requires a 1” drill bit just as is used to install modern hardware. Any experienced carpenter can do the job quickly and properly.

If your door has been drilled for modern hardware, Old Rose hardware will work with these holes without further modifications.

Note: Once your old door trim has been removed you may see outlines in the finish, or even find unfinished wood. So if you door needs a finish tune-up, now is best time, before you install the Old Rose Door Trim.