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About Spindles

Spindles, Shanks & Attaching Doorknobs

The spindle is the iron bar to which a pair of doorknobs is attached.

The doorknob shank is the part that accepts the spindle and fits into opening of the rosette or door plate.

Visit the Virtual Museum galleries that show the various types of Spindles and Shanks you are likely to encounter when buying antique doorknobs, and which ones are compatible with Old Rose trim sets.

ORH supplies a grooved spindle with each trim set and recommends that the set screw hole in the shank be threaded. We provide ¼-20 slot head set screws to thread down through the shank and onto the spindle groove.

The photo galleries will show you how doorknobs are attached to spindles and how you can use old spindles when installing Old Rose trim sets, if that is necessary.