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Old Rose Hardware Rosettes for Tapered Shank Knobs

Old Rose Hardware retrofit knobs



Until now, it was a challenge
to retrofit knobs like these.



If you are familiar with antique tapered shank knobs then you are familiar with their great style and quality. But you also know that they are impossible to retrofit. Now, however, Old Rose Hardware has solved this dilemma with a new rosette style that makes it easy to install tapered shank knobs on any door that has been drilled for modern hardware.

In order to use these new rosettes your doorknobs need to have the shanks slightly modified and the spindles set properly. This usually requires that you send your doorknobs to us for adaptation. We will charge a fee for this service, but when your doorknobs are returned, along with the Old Rose Door Trim Kit, actual installation will be quick and easy.

Contact Old Rose Hardware by email or call 800-508-0022 for more information.

Old Rose Hardware Tapered Shank Knob

ORH Rosette for Tapered Shank Knob

Old Rose Hardware retrofitted knobs



Tapered shank doorknobs were
used from the 1840’s to the 1920’s
and can be found in numerous
styles, shapes and sizes.